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Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service

Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service


Serving the towns of New Canaan, Wilton and Darien since 2002


Established in 2002, my wife, Cynthia, and I wanted to offer clients professional in-home pet care.  Early on it was decided that we would be the only ones caring for our clients pets. The result is that we do not delegate pet care to employees or independent contractors. The buck stops with us.

We also monitor and maintain our client’s homes.   Since we have owned homes for many  years, we understand the workings of a home.  We will notice that the furnace isn’t working or the water heater is leaking.

We have shared our lives for the last 30 years with Afghan Hounds and rescued cats.  Our current animal family consists of Moonraker, the Afghan, and Peanut, the Singapura cat. . . both rescues.

When you are gone, the safest most stress-free place for your pet is your home.  Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service will maintain a regular schedule for meals and exercise and closely watch your home.


Available 24/7/Fully Insured

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Keep them at home!

Sparky’s Pet Sitting Service