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Amanda Martocchio Architecture

Amanda Martocchio Architecture


We design environments to enrich people’s lives.

Our role, as architects and designers, is to help our clients imagine and ultimately bring to life environments that enhance their everyday routines and encourage a sense of wellbeing.


With a clarity of underlying concept reinforced by carefully considered architectural details, our thoughtful designs fulfill our clients’ aspirations and support their functional needs.  Our understated living spaces are enriched with a novel integration of materials and craftsmanship, warmed by natural light, and inspired by connections to the natural world.  Also, intrinsic to our design approach is to take care of the environment and the earth’s resources.

Informed by nearly 30 years of experience, Amanda Martocchio leads the design process, partnering with clients throughout the project.   AMA’s dedicated and multifaceted architectural team specifies, organizes, and coordinates details, preparing for construction and assisting our clients in the selection of a well-suited builder. We actively usher our designs through completion of construction, and are often engaged as the project’s interior designer, further animating the spaces with furnishings and art.



189 Brushy Ridge Road, New Canaan, CT 06840



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