Introducing I Buy Local, Formerly iBlast

Welcome to New Canaan’s Buy Local Initiative #ncbuyslocal which celebrates the unique relationship between our New Canaan based businesses and the community at large.

“I think we can all agree that our downtown village is among New Canaan’s crown jewels. I hear this all the time from residents and visitors and I couldn’t agree more. While the local economy is improving, it is still working to find the right balance. Maintaining our local village and the experience it offers is something I believe every resident wants.

What we must NOT do is take what we have here for granted. We have all watched as our neighboring towns have lost their local character. Not here. We talk about how fortunate we are to be able to walk into a local New Canaan store where we know the owner and they know us – resulting in a kind of service and experience that we would all miss it if were gone. Unfortunately, it’s an experience that is becoming all too rare anywhere else in Fairfield County and across the country.

What can you do?
First and foremost, take advantage of this wonderful asset. I encourage everyone to do the neighborly thing and frequent the shops, restaurants and service providers that call our town home. Take some time to experience downtown more regularly. Talk to our merchants and lend then your ideas. Safe to say that we are all proud to be a member of the New Canaan Community and are willing to do our part to support our downtown!”

Tucker Murphy

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May Offerings From Local Merchants

This month Nurenu Brand Marketing is proud to highlight the important works of New Canaan Cares and encourage residents to attend Cares Kitchen and Home Tour. Scroll down to learn about special offers and events happening in downtown stores throughout the month of May.