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Bankwell’s Smart Money Resource Center – Tips For Staying Safe Online

Do you realize that cybercriminals are invisible followers of your favorite social media channels? 

Through your posts, cybercriminals gather information about you, your connections and your place of work.  This can put you or your company at an increased risk for cyberattacks and irreversible damage to your identity.   

Before you hit ‘post’, follow these basic security tips to help keep you safe.      

  • Avoid posting sensitive information that gives away too much of your identity or company information.   For example, when you share that you’re at the beach for a week, you’re also sharing that your house is likely empty.   
  • Think of what image you’re trying to promote publicly, and who can view your posts.  Is this content for all your followers or is it best for just your inner circle?  Most platforms have the option to limit your audience by creating smaller groups.     
  • In the same way you might use a personal and a business email, consider separating your work and personal relationships online.  You can do this through the use of separate platforms, like using LinkedIn for your professional communication. Creating this distinction gives you more control, privacy and safety online. 

Bottom line, be deliberate about what you share on social media.  Know your followers and make sure you communicate carefully. Staying safe on social media is vital for you, your network and your workplace.

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