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Childhood Trauma and Resiliency Podcast

Childhood Trauma and Resiliency Podcast

This month, Talking About It series host Cindy Graziano talks about overcoming childhood trauma and building resileincy with Rev. Carol Howard Merritt, author of Healing Spiritual Wounds and Interim Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan.

“Talking about trauma is such an important part of the healing process. Not only on a personal level, but on a societal level.”, says Merritt. “Many times children act out because they’re not able to tell their story. They don’t have the language for it. If we’re able to make a space or really listen to a child experiencing trauma, then we can begin the healing process.”

TALKING ABOUT IT is a community podcast from New Canaan, CT dedicated to reducing the stigma around behavioral health issues our community members face, preventing abuse, and promoting healthy relationships. Because we’re not perfect and we’re talking about it.

Each episode features a local expert talking about a specific behavioral health issue and the resources available to our community and beyond.

This monthly podcast is created by the New Canaan Abuse Prevention Partnership (Dede Bartlett, Founder) and made possible by a grant from the New Canaan Community Foundation. The series is supported by New Canaan Moms and over 40 organizations in the New Canaan area dedicated to providing resources for our community.