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How I Spend Tech Free Time With My Family

Hello, my name is Colton Howe. My family enjoys plenty of tech-free time together almost every day. This includes meals, activities, and even the occasional vacation. Out of all of these, I think meals are the most important. We usually eat together daily, which makes us all feel closer with each other. Having tech-free family meals allows us to engage in normal conversations, which allows us to know what’s going on in everyone’s lives. I think we all feel a lot more connected after these meals. It’s amazing how something so simple could make such a big difference. Alongside meals, we also sometimes go bowling together. Bowling is always really fun because we all enjoy it. On top of that, we talk to each other when it’s not our turn. This is mainly because we don’t use devices while at the bowling lane. We don’t go bowling very often, but it’s special when we do. Some activities we do more often are playing cards and board games. My family’s favorite is Monopoly. Nobody is ever on their phone when we play these games, which just makes it more interactive. I think we would all agree it is just a better and more positive experience if nobody is distracted by screens. We sometimes get competitive when playing, but it’s all in good spirit. It just makes playing the game more fun! Lastly, my family enjoys taking vacations. I mean, who doesn’t? During these vacations however, we try to minimize screen time. This makes the overall experience more enjoyable and memorable. I often find myself leaving my phone at our hotel, just because I feel like I would have a better time without it. It is a distraction and occasionally stressful to have on me at all times. Believe me, I’m not against technology at all, I just think spending time with family is more important. Nowadays family time is overlooked, and is disregarded. Just try having a device-free dinner, and you’ll see the positive influence it can have on everyone’s life.