In Holiday Lights

“Approximately 150 hours of manpower to light 50 trees with 400 strands of lights,” explains Rob Hutchinson of Hutchinson Tree Care Specialists, the team behind this yearly ambitious endeavor. Rob has already began in early November the month-long project that includes prepping the trees and testing the electricity sources, which is limited, tricky and challenging.

The main power source comes from the lamp posts that line Elm Street, Forest St and part of South Avenue. Main Street now has new lamposts as part of the Phase III Lamppost Project spearheaded by the Chamber.

“We are up on the cherry pickers [trucks] for about 50 hours, on the ground for 100 hours, plus there’s day to day maintenance while the lights are up and the break down in the end, “says Rob, “Not to mention the traffic control and police work involved.” Other costs include the lights themselves. Year to year replacements must be determined.