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Friends of Mead Park Playground Be A Friend, Buy A Brick

The Mission of the Friends of Mead Park Playground is to reinvent Mead Park as a space of inclusivity, thoughtful design and engaging play. Mead Park is a New Canaan treasure and it holds the distinction of being the initial point of introduction to our community for so many residents. The playground is where parents meet, children play and smiles abound.
The Friends of Mead Park Playground (“FMPP”) is an independent community based fund-raising organization. We are raising funds for the purpose of providing a thoughtfully renovated play space at Mead Park that better meets the recreational, social and developmental needs of children in our community. We encourage a space that empowers children to have meaningful and accessible play, regardless of ability. The main play structure will include an access ramp and special play equipment that accommodates mobility devices. Also, we will install a flat, smooth, rubberized surface. Play is an important factor in the well-being of our community’s children. Reinventing the play space benefits the community at large, bringing joy to parents and their children and adding distinction to the Town.
How to Give to the Friends of Mead Park Playground

The Friends of Mead Park Playground (FMPP) can accept gifts of checks, credit card payments, appreciated stock, wire transfers, or other assets. FMPP has a fund with the New Canaan Community Foundation that currently receives all charitable gifts. All gifts will receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.