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Steve of 360 Fitness

Steve of 360 Fitness

Everyday, residents of New Canaan bustle through 360 Fitness exercising with the help of classes and the large gym’s modern equipment. Their many classes, including boxing, boot camps, an pilates, help their clients achieve total health and wellness.

Steve Bazewicz is the proud owner of 360 Fitness, and also the proud, new-to-the-board member of the Chamber of Commerce. Steve Bazewicz has pride for the community, saying that “individuals and businesses alike have been so kind and helpful to us that I am often overwhelmed by the generosity of others”. Steve has characteristics for an excellent Chamber member, including his generosity to the community. He has “consistently donated to every charity and cause” that has needed the help of 360 Fitness.”

“The Chamber is consistently pulling the small businesses, and community as a whole, together through great events”, Steve boasts about the Chamber that he has recently joined. As for his future work in the Chamber, he has goals that he wants to accomplish. He hopes “to influence the Chamber in ways that will make health and wellness a priority for everyone in the community”.

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