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Most people’s perception of entrepreneurship is a myth. Yes. it’s exciting. But it is also stressful and lonely and just plain hard. Chiefly because business people rarely have the skills or interests in the mundane, non-creative chores that are essential to a successful operation. That’s where Wingman comes in.  We're experts at doing what you can’t. Or do not have time for. We’re creative enough to appreciate your vision. Confident enough to tell you when you’re getting yourself into trouble. And savvy enough to keep your money where it will do you the most good.

 N. Claude Colabella, CEO and founder of Wingman has extensive and diverse experience in what it takes to makes a small business succeed.  What’s more, he has instant access to a network of highly qualified service providers who can provide guidance on every aspect of your young business, from brand management, capital raising, digital marketing, social media and telecom. So, whether you’re a busy small company, a start-up or a high net worth individual, Wingman can help. We are local, reputable affordable, cost-effective, results driven and eminently reliable.

Wingman Business Consultants concentrates our services in the areas of bill paying, book keeping, client entertainment, insurance, QuickBooks, sales & marketing and record keeping. We have a network of service providers to grow an established small business including:  accounting, brand management, capital raising, digital marketing, investments, legal, social media, and telecom.

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