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Welcome to the Saint Aloysius Parish! The parish was founded in 1896 to serve the  Catholic families that were settling in the greater New Canaan area. More than 120 years and three church buildings later we are just shy of 3,000 families strong and our mission as Church remains the same: bring Christ -- who is present to us in Word and in Sacrament -- to all. We help families form each other in faith through our Youth and Religious Education Ministries. We have a thriving elementary school where faith and reason meet quite beautifully. We step away for an Emmaus retreat twice a year. We support one another when someone gets sick or is at home and unable to get to church; and that means that each week teams of Eucharistic ministers visit hospitals, care facilities, and homes.  We celebrate splendidly – just ask the 600+ parishioners who had a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship at our Annual Saint Aloysius Feast.  We do more than there is room to mention here, and we also do what you suggest we should do so join us!

21 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT (mailing address: 40 Maple Street)



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