My name is Kimberly Casella, and I started Kimberly Casella Business Support Services so I can do just that: service business owners who feel they have no TIME!! Too many tasks on your TO-DO LIST, not enough time, the tasks keep building up and nothing gets completed.Use my 30+ years of Corporate experience, many life experiences as well as my passion to help people grow their businesses and bring BALANCE back to your life. Life goes by so quickly to not live its fullness every day. My experience comes from the many jobs I have held starting with being a Receptionist to an Inside Operation Manager, managing a department of six to eight employees for a $20 million Damage Restoration Company. During my time at the company, I implemented and trained all employees on two brand-new computer programs, while developing all processes and procedures that needed to be followed. I offer Administrative Services, which include some of the following: Data entry in Word or Google Docs Notary Data mining and online research Prepare minute notes Transcription Update CRM database Follow up on new leads Internet Marketing Services that include:Create Facebook Business Page Post to your Social Media accounts simultaneously Research related companies to find out where potential clients are, and find out industry-related groups and organizations to join Utilize Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, et cetera Create Newsletter (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) As well as High Level Services:Senior Management (Managed 8 employees in Inside Operations Department) Develop and Monitor Work Flow Processes Operational Procedures Implement new database/computer system My passion really is to share my knowledge with other business owner's to bring BALANCe back into their lives.

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