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Healthcare Pathfinder

Healthcare Pathfinder


We do Insurance reviews, advice and transitions; We review and evaluate your current Health and Long Term Care insurance coverage. We manage and help you understand your health insurance and Long Term Care insurance coverage. Consult on current and future healthcare coverage (e.g. company options, moving, COBRA, retiring, Medicare eligibility, children aging off parents plan, and other transitions). Work with adult children to understand and manage their parents’ health insurance and long term care needs. Help with finding or transitioning healthcare coverage and services when moving to a new home/state. Find the best healthcare coverage available for your needs and manage your enrollments (We do not sell)*. Manage medical bills and claims to make sure they are filed and processed properly. Work with healthcare providers and insurance companies to expedite approval of services, claims processing and maximize benefits. Track deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and annual healthcare costs. Submit appeals when claims have processed incorrectly or benefits have been denied. Negotiate medical bills. Initiate Long Term Care claims and provide ongoing claims management and advocacy. Case Management: Care Management services for acute and ongoing health care needs** Help plan ahead and prepare for scheduled procedures, transitions from in-patient facilities to outpatient care settings and refer to appropriate care providers. Interpret benefits and advocate for quality care when clients are receiving healthcare services. Facilitate communication with case managers, doctors, and all providers providing services. Ongoing support: For retainer clients, provide ongoing client services to help with any healthcare or insurance questions or issues. Provide claims management, advocacy services, and an annual review of health insurance coverage. Maintain updated authorizations on file with insurance companies and available to send to providers and professional advisors, so that we can speak on your behalf and advocate for your rights. *Life/Health Insurance Licenses **Registered Nurse / Certified Case Manager / Aging Life Care Advanced Professional



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