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DWR Consignment

DWR Consignment


Here at DWR Consignment
We carry all of the high-end designers whose fashion is traditional, modest and timeless. However, we also admire unique pieces. After all, sometimes a girl needs something funky or an of-this-moment-only jacket.

Why Consign?
Environmental Benefits!

Shopping secondhand is the most sustainable and environmentally responsible way to shop. While recycled fabrics and goods are resourceful, there is still a great amount of energy that goes into breaking down, purifying and repurposing the materials. By purchasing second hand items, you are skipping this extensive process and therefore saving a great deal of resources.

Why consign over thrift?

Contrary to popular belief, most clothing that is directly donated ends up in a landfill before finding a second home. These fabric landfills are growing exponentially since the rise of fast-fashion and have a drastic impact on the environment. By consigning, you increase the likelihood that these well made items will be used for much longer, thus aiding in slowing down the fashion industry.

DWR Consignment


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