Clothing & Accessories

Our Mission: At Daisy-Bella, we create and celebrate fun-spirited fashion that inspires confidence in women of all shapes and sizes with positive, uplifting messages and images

Vision: We believe that often, we become what we see.  We’re committed to transforming the world of fashion with positive messages... inspiring women from the outside in.

Our Values:

  • Inspiring – Our line is dedicated to inspiring both the people who wear our clothing, and the people that see our messages
  • Empowering – Our line shares a message of empowerment with women and girls
  • Encouraging – Whatever their shape, size, or age, our line encourages women and girls to be their best selves
  • Uplifting – Our line shares uplifting messages and designs
  • Paying it Forward – Our line reaches out to others and a portion of our proceeds is always dedicated to organizations that improve the world

169 Lynam Road - Stamford, CT 06903


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