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The community section consists of three sections, the Calendar, Connect New Canaan, and Job Board. Each of these portions of the site are there to help the community organize and advertise their various events and fundraisers. It also stands as another arm for businesses and organizations to interact with the community either in the form of job opportunities or volunteering. Take a look around and see how you can get involved.

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The calendar is a public space for business owners, event organizers, charities, and philanthropies to advertise their events, sales or fundraisers.

Click here to check out the community calendar!

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Connect New Canaan

Connect New Canaan provides contact resources for all things New Canaan. From parks and schools to real estate and business, Connect New Canaan is a one-stop-shop for information

. Click here to visit Connect New Canaan!

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Job Board

The job board is an easy way for businesses and organizations to advertise for current job openings. We want to empower not only businesses to find the employees they need, but to provide a centralized place for citizens of New Canaan to find job opportunities.

Click here to see our job board!