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New Canaan Library: Lawn Maintenance During Drought, with the CT Agricultural Experiment Station

July 10, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Lawns are not only aesthetically pleasing but perform important ecological functions, such as filtering rainwater, converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, and preventing soil erosion. With the right natural conditions Connecticut lawns normally thrive. But, summertime dry spells place stress on lawns, and water use restrictions means less watering by the homeowner. Typically, lawns require 1 – 2 inches of water per week during hot weather, and that equates to a great deal of water: over 50,000 gallons per acre! What happens during a drought? With less water, an otherwise healthy lawn can survive. It naturally turns brown, goes dormant, and greens up when wet weather returns. This is the best way keep your lawn and conserve valuable water.
In this discussion, Gary Bugbee, scientist at Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, will talk about the other natural, low maintenance ways to keep your lawn healthy during dry times.

Greg Bugbee is an associate scientist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. He directs the soil testing laboratory and is responsible for answering public inquiries regarding soil fertility and turf management. With a degree in turf management from the University of Connecticut and over four decades of experience, Greg has supervised nearly a quarter million soil tests and solved some of the State’s most perplexing soil and turf problems. He has authored numerous professional and trade publications and given hundreds of talks. In addition to this work, he is principal investigator in the Station’s Invasive Aquatic Plant Program which studies ways to mitigate non-native vegetation that threatens our lakes, ponds, and rivers.


New Canaan Library
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