30 Days of Family: April 2018

Dinner Makes a Difference!

When children have dinner with their families five to seven times a week, they are 33% less likely to use alcohol or drugs. Families that eat together have…

  • More nutritious diets
  • Teens who are less likely to be involved in risky behavior
  • Children with better language skills and academic scores
  • A lower obesity rate
  • Children who enjoy a variety of foods
  • Better relationships with each other and their community


Town of New Canaan Family Services
Jacqueline D’Louhy

New Canaan Cares
Meg Domino

Grace Community Church
Jake Kircher

New Canaan Library
Christle Chumney, MLIS

New Canaan YMCA
Davie Cedela

Kids in Crisis
Deb Katz

New Canaan Mounted Troop
Sarah Tucker


New Canaan Nature Center
Michelle Hips

Grace Farms Foundation
Lisa Lynne Kirkpatrick

New Canaan Coalition for Youth & Families
Jacqueline D’Louhy

Communities 4 Action

New Canaan Recreation Department

New Canaan Parent Support Group

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Youth Community


Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut, Inc.

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