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In a bid to attract ‘foodies’ to downtown and to highlight New Canaan’s latest website, the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Treasure Hunt Tours, is launching EXPLORE NEW CANAAN Taste Tours. This event which will be held will replace the Taste of the Town Stroll which has occurred at the end of August for the past 7 years. This event welcomes families back to town after their summer holidays and encourages visitors to discover our vibrant town. A portion of proceeds will go to the New Canaan Food Pantry.

Participants can choose to purchase a ticket to one of 4 Tours:

• Taste Crawl up to 12 stops
• Dessert Dash up to 4 stops
• *Wine Tasting Trail up to 6 stops
• *Beer Tasting Trail up to 6 stops

The fun kicks off in front of the Movie Theater 5:00 pm on Thursday August 22nd. You can pick up your pre-ordered wristbands or purchase tickets at pick up.

Should you have any additional questions feel free to contact the Chamber of Commerce office 203-966-2004 or

*Guests 21 years of age or older purchasing Wine or Beer Tasting Trail must provide valid identification.