In Holiday Lights

Dale Carbonier from Rand Insurance of New Canaan and a long time Chamber member/supporter created “Bulb Blast”, a yearly event that rounds up a team of volunteers, some of which are high school students, to test the lights and replace bulbs that have burned out in the previous year. Inevitably, lights, and other equipment, need fixing and replacing. Thanks to years worth of generous donations the Foundation was able to save enough to replace all the bulbs with the cleaner more efficient LED lights which will be on display for the 2016 Holiday Season!

Every year over 75 volunteers from the two local NCL (National Charity League) Chapters help replace the burned out bulbs so all the strands are ready to go!! The job is dirty, time consuming and requires a large space. The New Canaan Firehouse, Ambulance Volunteer Headquarters and Morrill Hall have each hosted this event.